• CHEMCAD for Academics

CHEMCAD is flexible and powerful enough to be used within an academic environment to teach a variety of chemical engineering topics.

Most commonly, CHEMCAD is used to assist in teaching process design to future chemical engineers in their final year of bachelor studies.

Software licenses for educational purposes are offered at significantly reduced rates, which often allows for dozens of copies to be available to students, teaching assistants, and professors simultaneously. Best of all, there is a marginal cost increase for purchasing extra copies for additional classes and students.

In some cases, we offer students the option to install CHEMCAD on their personal computers, enabling them to complete coursework more efficiently and within a more flexible timeframe.* Additionally, CHEMCAD for academic institutions can be licensed with a network hardware key for university computers and labs or with individual software keys.

Chemstations also offers students an annual challenge in process engineering, called the Process Simulation Cup. Participants in PSC 2017 can request a free CHEMCAD license here. Students benefit from a great learning experience as they compete with others from around the world—whoever puts forth the best solution to a real-world process optimization problem is hailed as the reigning process simulation champion.

Educational institutions can contact us for current pricing.


*Option may not be available in some locations and universities.

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