Chemstations Creates New Product for Launch of Innovative Review and Evaluation Program for Process Industries

HOUSTON, TX (March 2, 2011) - Chemstations, Inc., makers of the CHEMCAD suite of chemical process simulation software, recently entered into a venture with CMAI, provider of timely market and business advisory services to the chemical industry, and Intratec, an independent industrial think tank specializing in increasing profits and providing a competitive advantage to process industries.

The two global companies asked Chemstations to create a product based on CHEMCAD that they could incorporate into their Technology Intelligence Program (TIP), a detailed and comprehensive review and evaluation of process technology, capital and production costs, market overviews and profitability analysis for production technologies of interest to the chemical industry.

The reports generated by the program, called TIP Technology Reports, are based on independent process modeling by Intratec using CHEMCAD. Clients who request the TIP reports receive the process simulation file and a version of CHEMCAD that allows for the viewing and limited editing of process flow diagrams and heat & material balances.

Users will also be able to:
- See the process design cases created by CMAI/Intratec
- Make limited changes to process settings, including running sensitivity studies on process parameters for additional analysis
- Generate reports and graphical plots

"Chemstations is honored to contribute to this innovative new program that will provide decision makers in process industries with insightful information about existing and emerging chemical process technologies," said Chemstations' Executive Vice President and COO Steve Brown.

TIP Technology Reports will also include a five-year historical patent review and point out emerging and up-to-date technologies and trends.

About Chemstations, Inc.

Chemstations, Inc. is a worldwide leader in process simulation software, supplying the process industries and associated fields. Chemstations offers the CHEMCAD suite, several individually licensed and tightly integrated technologies, to increase the productivity and profitability of the chemical engineer's tasks. CHEMCAD is actively used by more than 800 organizations around the world. For more information, visit our website ( or call 800-CHEMCAD (243-6223).

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Steve Brown


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